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Team Zaidy

Team Zaidy

About six years ago, our dad dared his sister to run her first 10k. She laughed at him and said "Dude, I can't even run to my car, you're out of your mind" to which our dad responded, "you can do it if you do it in Dad's honor”. This was how the tradition of running races in honor of our Zaidy's memory began.
Our Zaidy, Jeff Goldman, battled cancer for seventeen years, until he lost his fight on August 23rd, 2013, nine years ago today. Through the pain and other challenges that he suffered as his cancer continued to wreak havoc on his body, our Zaidy maintained his positive attitude in every part of his life, from the love that he showed for his family and friends to taking care of the clients in his legal practice, all while remaining steadfast in his commitment to Judaism. He continues to inspire so many of us as a wonderful human and role model, and it's in his memory that we intend to continue the tradition that our dad and his sister started six years ago.
We are both very excited for the opportunity to be partnering with Chai Lifeline to run the Miami Half Marathon this coming January. Yet, this superhuman challenge we are taking upon ourselves pales in comparison to the unbearable challenges that arise each day for families who find themselves fighting disease. Chai Lifeline works with thousands of these families every day and helps as much as they can to put a positive spin on a horrible situation. The services Chai Lifeline provides include everything from rides to appointments and subsidizing medical and living costs, to creating a sense of normalcy through providing a safe environment for the children to attend summer camp without compromising their medical care. Chai Lifeline provides a quality of life upgrade in a time where no quality of life exists.
In honor of our Zaidy, we ask for you to partner with us in supporting this tremendous organization through supporting Team Zaidy so that we can continue the tradition of love and positivity, one step at a time, all the way to the finish line.
Every penny makes a difference.
Thank you,
Tamara and Akiva


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