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Elazar, Rivkah, Tzvi, Menachem, and Avigail Bloom

The Blooms

The Blooms

My Dear friends and family,

Sophie is our family.

As many of you know, these past few years have been tough for us. Tough in many ways but especially tough due to the loss of Sophie and Yudi, the loss of our family. There is no greater comfort for the pain of loss than community, and we thank you for being part of ours. We thank you for your continued kindness and support on so many levels. And we turn to you to share more love. To help us as we support an organization that requires very little introduction as its warm, glowing rays of kindness and guidance have touched the lives of so many of us - directly or indirectly.

Please partner with us once again as we run for the life giving raft that is Chai Lifeline. As we run for Yudi and Sophie. As we run for love and connection with all of the families that have endured or are currently enduring the most difficult of times.

Please join us in giving back to Chai Lifeline which exists only to provide kindness, love, and relief when it is needed most.

With Blessings and so much Gratitude,

Elazar, Rivkah, Avigail, Tzvi, and Menachem Bloom


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1. Gary And Sandra Bloom
2. Kuflik Family
We are so proud of you!
3. Cheryl Spangenthal
We know how much Camp Simcha meant to sophie, and would like to make this opportunity available for other children,
4. Aron and Melissa Burger
5. Anonymous
So proud to be related to you. in loving memory of Sophie and Yudi. Avigayil, what a beautiful thing to do for your Bat Mitzvah. Every step that you take lights up your immediate surroundings and the world. R
6. Lauren And Joel Berley
We are so proud of you! Kol Hakavod!! Love you, The Berley’s
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