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Benjamin Prero
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Benjamin Prero

Here we go again! Each year after the race, I say I'm done. And yet I keep coming back. Because I've seen what Chai Lifeline does for the kids who need their invaluable services and their families, and I want to do my part to help. Which means running hundreds of miles training over the year for the privledge of getting up before 4am to run over 13 miles in Miami heat, and asking you to please join with me by extending yourself generously.

I'm once again running in memory of my brother Daniel. For those that don't know - I had a younger brother that I never really had the chance to know well. Daniel died of Neuroblastoma at only 15 months old. I was only 4 at the time, and my memories from then mostly revolve around spending lots of time in daycare or by friends, while my parents were tending to Daniel. At that time, Chai Lifeline ( did not exist to provide emotional, social and financial support for sick children and their families. Seeing the work Chai Lifeline does, it aches that my family didn't get the chance to experience the true magic, kindness, and support that this organization offers. I'd like to do my part to make sure that every family who unfortunately needs the support of this organization can get it to the fullest, which is why I plan to run for Team Lifeline in Daniel's memory.

Please help me raise $7,500 by race day. Your tax deductible contributions can be made either on-line here or by sending me a check made out to Chai Lifeline (3506 Labyrinth Rd, Baltimore, MD 21215) – and is greatly appreciated.

Help me cross the finish line once more, and help one of the most remarkable organizations do work for which there really is no comparison. There is nothing like bringing a smile to a sick child, or peace of mind to their family.

Together, we can once again accomplish something really special.

Wish me luck!


raised of $7,500 goal


1. Betty & Heshi
Go, Ben, go! And may you and your family and all of Klal Yisroel have a wonderfully healthy and happy New Year!
2. Mildred Prero
3. Avraham And Joyce Litzman
4. Rivka Heisler
5. Phase Two Podiatry, PC
6. Gabriel Prero
If you don't PR I want my money back.

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