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Bracha Silver

Bracha Silver

Another year goes by, and summer is passing slowly. It will be nine years that my Avi has left this world. It still feels like yesterday. For me, time stands still in this area.

I have gratitude to Hashem and Chai Lifeline always. I look at the beautiful children of Chai Lifeline in Camp Simcha enjoying, playing, eating, living!!! This gives me peace, and it makes me feel happy, even if Avi can’t do these things.

A mother never gets over a child. What a kid he was! Such a beautiful, handsome, and kind boy. Full of personality and mischief. Chai Lifeline helped us so much when he was home and so sick in the hospital. Chai Lifeline brought us Super Stars to sing. Avi loved music and sang along. They brought meals and volunteers so I could sleep sometimes at night. They were there with energy and a great attitude. What would we do without them?

Please donate! Let it be a zechus for my Avi.

Waiting for Mashiach, Love Avi’s Mom,



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