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Shirley, Michelle, Ilana, and Kayla Carmili



Our cousin Liel was the definition of pure joy and kindness, always making everyone laugh and putting huge smiles on their faces. As most of you have probably heard, we tragically lost her in a car accident last year. We have been trying to spread her light and positivity as much as we can ever since ✨

Running a marathon is something that’s very difficult for us, but we're inspired to try our best all for Liel. All she would ever do is try and make everyone happy, and if we can raise money for such a special organization that will bring a smile to so many children’s faces, we are up for the challenge.

We will Bz”H be running in the Miami Marathon on TEAM LIEL to raise money for Chai Lifeline, L’iluy Nishmat Liel Dina bat Efraim. They are a nationwide amazing and selfless organization, who help children with medical conditions/disabilities, and put in endless efforts to brighten up them and their families lives year round. Every single dollar counts! Please help us reach our $20,000 goal for Chai Lifeline in Liel’s merit ❤️ #DoItForLiel #Live4Liel


raised of $20,000 goal


1. Anonymous
In honor of Michelle Carmeli Ha Tzadeket
2. Ariella Kohansieh
3. Aron Stein
Keep up the amazing work Michelle!
4. Rivka Zarifpoor
my mitzvah girl ❤️
5. Anonymous
6. Rebecca Hakimi
Tisku lmitzvot michelle!
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