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Nechama (Deborah) Markovic

Nechama (Deborah) Markovic

לזכות רפואה שלימה לטובה בת פערל

This January, I will be taking part in the Team Lifeline Marathon benefitting the kids of Chai Lifeline, and I need your help. In 2018, I participated in my first half marathon and set out to raise $5000, at best. Amazingly, you all came together and we raised over $12,000 in much needed funds to support the families of Chai Lifeline.

During my time running the volunteer programming department, I was fortunate enough to witness and support the long and short term servicing of hundreds of Canadian families affected by illness. It was often overwhelming knowing just how many people out there needed our help.

Many of you may be familiar with the unbelievable impact of Camp Simcha, a one of a kind overnight camp for children with life long or life threatening illnesses. What you may be less familiar with, is tens of day to day, practical and necessary services that Chai Lifeline runs to support families in crisis everyday.

Please know that your generous donation goes a very long way, thank you for partnering with me in this special mitzvah!

All the best,

Nechama (Deborah)


raised of $10,000 goal


1. Anonymous
Hatzlacha Nechama!
2. Zeldy Markovic
Looking forward to cheering you on!
3. Rachel Markovic
Good luckkk!!!
4. auntie sabi
uncle avrum shea and auntie sabi are so proud of you!
5. Ilana Rabinowitz
Go Nech!
6. Zoe Mandelbaum
Amazing work!

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