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Toby Tanser

Running Coach

Team Lifeline is proud to introduce our official Running Coach, Toby Tanser.

Toby is a former professional runner with over 160 race victories around the world, including 42 New York Road Runners club races in 14 months. He is currently a director of the New York Road Runners and the Achilles Track clubs, and lectures for TCS Marathon clinics throughout the year.

Toby is also a renowned coach. He has coached New York City's largest running team, the New York Flyers, in addition to Urban Athletics, and the New York Police Academy. He is the track and cross country coach at the Fashion Institute of New York.

In addition to running, Toby is a prolific writer about the sport. He is the author of Train Hard, Win Easy and The Essential Guide to Running the New York City Marathon. He is a contributing editor of Runners' World and writes for both The New York Runner, and Metrosports Magazine. He wrote and co-produced the global Puma Trainaway series and the NYRR audio guide for the TCS New York City Marathon.

In addition to coaching Team Lifeline and other charity teams, Toby founded a charity in 1995, now known as Shoes4Africa. Coach Toby is here to work with you as you reach your own personal goals and raise money for Chai Lifeline.