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Aviva Goodman

Aviva Goodman

I am running for Chai Lifeline and I am learning why.

I have always wondered about the concept of marathons within a Jewish framework. One person endures tremendous physical challenge, while another person who loves or supports him offers a donation to a third party in exchange. Growing up with the Jewish values of Tzedakah and Chesed, this strange bartering system never sat well with me. It seemed that if one person had the desire and means to donate money to a good cause then he should do so without negotiations.

In the short time since I began training to complete the Miami Half-Marathon as part of Team Lifeline which will benefit children with cancer, disabilities, and other serious medical conditions, I realized that I am on a journey of finding answers to my query. I’ve considered a couple ideas so far and would love to hear your ideas as well.

Giving yields love and the more exertion required of me to raise funds for Chai Lifeline, the more I will come to love the children, family members, caretakers, healthcare providers, and volunteers involved in the organization. How lucky I am to simply ask others for donations in order to increase my own Ahavat Yisrael and bring the Geulah!

Furthermore, the constant involvement in the physical aspect of training serves as an ongoing reminder of Chai Lifeline’s mission. The activity of running and the resulting soreness serve as ongoing physical reminders of my goal to fundraise the way Mitzvos often have physical symbolic components.

I am confident that from now through January I will consistently consider that I am preparing to run further than I have ever run in my life and I must keep fundraising for Chai Lifeline. Chai Lifeline is an international children’s health support network that provides critical year-round programs and services to nearly 6,000 families confronting pediatric illness.The more I run, the more engaged in the mitzvah of collecting Tzedakah I will be.

Please partner with me in this mitzvah by contributing funds to my personal runner page. My goal is to raise $5,000, and I need your help. Every donation is 100% tax deductible.

With tremendous gratitude,


raised of $5,000 goal


So proud!!
2. Abba and Mommy Chickenstein
We don't have words to tell you how proud we are of you that you are stepping outside your comfort zone to take on this challenge. In the z'chus of you extending yourself for others who are in such need, may Hashem extend himself to address all yours needs and and כל משאלות ליבך
3. Mordy Rosen
4. Sara Zupnik
She’s a runner! You’ve got this!
5. Leah Milikowsky
Let’s go Aviva! So proud of you!!
6. Becca Friedman
Aviva, GO YOU. On behalf of all of the precious children who will be positively affected by your hard work both training and fundraising - THANK YOU. And on behalf of all of the young adults who are watching you in awe as you step outside of your comfort zone - thank you for setting such a brilliant example so that we can follow suit! You are an INSPIRATION. From strength to strength, beautiful neshama. "Never underestimate the power of your presence." - Rabbi Kosman Z'L
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