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Elisheva Levin
I donated to my B4C campaign

Elisheva Levin

Well, here goes Year 6 with Team Lifeline!

This January, I will be running in the Miami Marathon/Half-Marathon as part of Team Lifeline to raise money for Chai Lifeline. I have been volunteering with Chai Lifeline West Coast for about 10 years now. I see firsthand the powerful impact they have on families dealing with pediatric illness. Whether it’s financial, emotional, or social support, Chai Lifeline is there for them every step of the way and in every capacity. I have been privileged to spend my summers as a counselor in Camp Simcha and the fact that it is known to be the happiest place in the world is testament to the incredible work that Chai Lifeline does. Every single dollar you donate goes directly towards ensuring the continuation of their numerous programs. YOUR donation helps make it all possible. So let’s do this together!

Thank you for your generous donation!

*May all donations be l'ilui nishmas Michal Tal bas Yisroel, our beloved Michelle a"h*


raised of $20,000 goal


1. Anonymous
2. Gindi Maimonides Academy
Thanksgiving bake sale to benefit Chai Lifeline!
3. Anonymous
4. Neal Lenarsky
5. Aric & Sabrina Zamel
In honor of Elisheva’s work with Chai Lifeline!
6. Shlomo Levin
Elisheva—We are very proud of what you do for the girls at Camp Simcha. Love—Abba and Imma

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