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Meir Ganz
I donated to my B4C campaign

Meir Ganz

This January, I will be attempting to run in the Miami Marathon/Half-Marathon as part of Team Lifeline to benefit children with cancer, disabilities, and other serious medical conditions. While running all those miles will be challenging, it cannot compare to the challenges these children face each and every day. Chai Lifeline is literally a lifeline for many of these children and their families, providing a happy space where they can simply enjoy what many of us take for granted.

My family was fortunate enough to have benefitted from Chai Lifeline's chesed. I can testify on how Camp Simcha played an essential role in my sister's summer and our family as a whole.

My goal is to raise a minimum of $10,000, but I need your help. Every donation is 100% tax deductible. Together, we can make a difference and give a child an opportunity to LIVE!

Thank you for your support!
Meir Ganz


raised of $10,000 goal


1. Sam Zeldes and Joe Ehrman
2. Chaim Langer
Your wonderfull Marcus !! You deliver when needed !! Best wishes
3. Dovid Murik
4. David Joseph
Marcus, keep up the great work !!
5. Moishe & Ahuva Wachsmann
Run Meir Sholom run!
6. Jack Gindi
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