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Micha Zwick
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Micha Zwick

Why, come January 29th, will I wake up at 4:00 am to do a half marathon in Miami? Why will I train all those hours leading up to the race?

I'm doing it for all the kids who wish that they could run but can't. I do it for all those children that Chai Lifeline helps with invaluable services, including an amazing summer camp.

I do it most of all in honor of my daughter Emma. Now fifteen, Emma has had to live with a one in ten million blood disorder. Despite everything that she has gone through, including a very scary hospitalization last summer, Emma is all about helping her fellow Team Lifeline warriors. That includes her foregoing Bat Mitzvah gifts when she turned twelve and instead raising over $6,000 for Chai Lifeline.

In honor of Emma and all those other special children, won't you help and support our cause? It's as easy as hitting that Donate button. Thank you!


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