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Mushka Nathanson

Mushka Nathanson

I entered the gates of Camp Simcha as a frail, shy, bald 11 year old girl. Coming from a dark year of hospitals, chemo and scans. But the second I set foot inside, all of that changed.
I was surrounded by people dancing and singing and cheering my name. A few days ago I was another patient on the pediatric oncology ward and now I'm like a celebrity. The fun, I learned, had only just begun.

Every morning we awoke to a beautifully decorated dining room according to the theme of the day. Special orders at mealtime and a fully stocked free canteen and free soda machines were only the tip of the iceberg. Camp Simcha gave us exciting and incredible summers full of activities, boating, crafts and yes, helicopter rides to bring us joy and strength for the year ahead.

I went back for 5 amazing summers and when I turned 18 I knew I wanted to give back to the organization that helped me grow into the person that I am today, and give the next generation of campers the love and attention that I received when I needed it most, so I came back as a counselor.

Well, 5 years as a staff member at camp was great, but I knew I could do better. So I came back as medical staff.

For the past 2 summers I have been a nurse in Camp Simcha, there to make sure the kids' medical needs are taken care of in a fun way (yes, we sing and cheer about our meds).

So that's why I'm running the Miami Half-Maraton this January. To benefit children with cancer, disabilities, and other serious medical conditions who otherwise would not be able to enjoy a summer camp experience that is safe for them.

Every dollar I raise and every mile I run will benefit Chai Lifeline, an international children’s health support network that provides critical year-round programs and services to nearly 6,000 families confronting pediatric illness.

While running all those miles will be challenging, I am excited to help raise awareness and funds for such an important and worthy cause.

My goal is to raise $6,000, but I need your help. Every donation is 100% tax deductible. Please join me in supporting this important organization by contributing to my personal runner page.

Together, we can make a difference.

Thank you for your support!


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1. Anonymous
2. Dina Nathanson
3. Yossi & Yael Nathanson
4. Batsheva Levi
Good luck!!!! You got this🙌🏻🙌🏻
5. Reuven And Chana Leiba Nathanson
We love you!
6. Bracha Hirsch
Good luck to the best camper, counselor, and nurse!
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