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Bracha Silver

Bracha Silver

Dear friends and family, 

With Hashem's help, this January 28th 2024 (18th of Shvat) will be my Avi's 10th yahrtzeit. Funny it falls on the day of the marathon. 

Many of you know my beautiful Avi, his charming personality, humour and heart of gold. There isn't a day hour or even a minute that goes by without missing him. He is always in our memory. 

Chai Lifeline has been a source in our short time with Avi. We will never forget the help physically spiritually and emotionally that they gave us. They are truly their name. 

Now we, children and grandchildren run the marathon in Avi's

Since this is the 10th year Avi is gone, I want to commit to raising $36,000 in merit for Avi's neshana. As Avi's Mom, this is all I can do.

Please help me!

Avi's Mom Bracha


raised of $36,000 goal


1. Caryl Englander
Good Luck!!!
2. Phyllis & Bentzy Friedman
LZ"N an incredible soul, Avi Silver A"H"
3. Pam And Sam Axelrod
A truly unique organization, with very special people like Bracha. Hatzlocha
4. Anthony Greenwood
5. Rebecca & Ori Goldstein
IMO Avaleh ❤️
6. Blima Ehrentreu
Bracha, you're such an inspiration!
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