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We're doing this!!!

Michelle Zaldin

Michelle Zaldin

After many years of being asked and contemplation, Paige and I are going to Miami to participate in the Miami Marathon on behalf of Chai Lifeline Canada. Now, I am not completely crazy, we will be doing the half marathon but still a challenge nonetheless. Chai Lifeline has been an important part of Paige's journey and has provided her (and our family) with support and experiences that we would not have received if not for their commitment to children and their families with medical complexities and life-limiting illnesses.

Paige and I are asking for your support. We need your help to raise as much money as possible for these kids. I’ve set a challenging goal for us to raise $18,000 in support of Chai Lifeline. Your generous donation will help us move closer to our goal and make a difference in the lives of so many children and their families. Let's do this together! 

Best - Michelle


raised of $9,000 goal


1. Care for Kids (Toronto)
2. Anonymous
3. Ronni Muskat
Have fun! Kol Hakavod!
4. Margaret Lindzon
Mazel Tov!
5. Sid Nightingale
Glad to support such a worthy cause. Go Paige Go!
6. Heather Hoffman
What a special moment when u finish your walk & goal reached.

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