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The Bloom Family
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The Bloom Family

Our cousin, Sophie, always carried a special glow that she lit up the world with. Throughout our challenges, the loss of Yudi and Sophie, you have always been there for us. We thank you for your continued kindness and support on so many levels. And we turn to you to share more love. To help us as we support an organization that requires very little introduction as its warm, glowing rays of kindness and guidance have touched the lives of so many of us - directly or indirectly.

Please partner with us once again as we run for the life giving raft that is Chai Lifeline. As we run for Yudi and Sophie. As we run for love and connection with all of the families that have endured or are currently enduring the most difficult of times.

Please, help us reach our goal of $12,000. By doing so, you will be helping so many critically-ill children.

Thank you so much,

Elazar, Rivkah, Tzvi, Menachem, and Avigail Bloom


raised of $12,000 goal


1. Ggb Engineering Inc
2. Elazar Bloom
Dear Avigail, I am so proud of you! I am going to miss being with you in the race this year but am so, so glad you are representing all of us on Team Sophie! I plan to be there with my big embaressing sign rooting you on! Love, Ta
3. Rivka And Norman Ginsparg
In honor of Dr. Selwyn and Cheryl Spangenthal for their outstanding hospitality By Rivka and Norman Ginsparg (parents of Avi Ginsparg)
4. Olivia Rouimi
So proud of you!
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