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Daniella Esses
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Daniella Esses

I am running the Miami Half Marathon with Chai Lifeline this January, and I hope you will support me in this mission.

Watching any child excel in sports, delight in playdates with friends, and succeed in school is a pleasure. But watching my friend’s 8-year-old son, Max, shine in soccer, enjoy a playdate, and achieve in school is miraculous and heartwarming.

Max was diagnosed with epilepsy at the age of 3, and he underwent brain surgery a few years later, which required him to regain motor and language skills. During the many hours that Max was hooked up to machines, being monitored around the clock, and was at times unable to leave his hospital room, Max and his family benefited from the care of Chai Lifeline. Chai Lifeline provided meal deliveries, activities for Max, and checked in on Max’s parents, all with the goal of supporting them through this incredibly trying time.

Chai Lifeline was a true lifeline for Max and his family, and I am running with Max’s mother – in Max’s honor – to raise awareness and funds for this incredible organization. (More information about this amazing organization, which provides emotional, social and financial assistance to more than 5,900 children and their families, can be found here:

Please help me hit my fundraising goal of $7,500 for Chai Lifeline.


Thank you!


raised of $7,500 goal


1. Simi & Jeremy Lichtman
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Go Daniella We are very proud of you !
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Gooooo Daniella!!!!!
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Go, Daniella, go!!
5. Rachel And Jeff Jager
Way to go, Daniella!!
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