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Risa Solomon

Risa Solomon

I have signed up for another year of running and fundraising for the kids of Chai Lifeline, and right now, Chai Lifeline needs our support more than ever. As we grapple with one of the most traumatic events in Jewish history, the challenges faced by children and families living with illness and crisis in Israel and around the globe are further intensified. Our brothers and sisters in Israel are constantly in our thoughts and prayers, and thanks to Chai Lifeline, the most vulnerable populations in Israel and around the world receive vital services and support.
This year I am running in honor of a truly heroic and selfless individual, Ezra Yisroel Ben Chana, one of the brave young men defending the Jewish people and fighting against the existential threat of our Jewish homeland. Ezra is the 23 year old son of my good friend Chana Ruderman, and he courageously volunteered to join the IDF. Ezra currently servesas acommander on the Lebanese border, and I want to do everything we can to help protect and watch over him. May your generosity and all the impactful work of Chai Lifeline be in the Zechus of Ezra Yisroel Ben Chana, and him please G-d, returning home safely.
I am also running for the safey of another Dallas IDF soldier in Gaza, Tzuriel ben Odelis.
I am also running again for a refuah shlema for Na’Ama bas Devorah Miriam and Usher Uziel ben Tova.

Thank You.

Risa Solomon


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Am Ysrael Chai!
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Go Risa!!!!! - The Best!!!
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4. Shalom Abrams
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