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Risa Solomon

Risa Solomon

I have signed up for another year of running and fundraising for the kids of Chai Lifeline.
This year I am running again for a refuah shlema for Tinokes bas Devorah Miriam. I am also running for another baby with serious health issues, Asher Uziel ben Tova.

It is difficult to imagine the pain and suffering that Chai Lifeline children and families experience on a daily basis. With all they face, they anxiously wait for a much-needed break from their day-to-day challenges. Camp Simcha to the rescue!

Camp Simcha is there to deliver a sanctuary of summer fun for children with life-threatening illnesses and solace to their families back home. The goal of Camp Simcha is to provide a safe environment for children who are fighting serious illnesses, restoring childhood one sunny summer moment at a time.

Chai Lifeline works tirelessly throughout the year to provide emotional and social support to each family member, the sick child, parents and siblings. During the summer, Camp Simcha, Camp Simcha Special, and Camp Simcha Without Borders are there to provide unforgettable memories to treasure always.

This summer, help us bring safety, smiles, and strength to those who need it most.

Thank You.

Risa Solomon


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Go Risa!!!!! - The Best!!!
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6. Akiva and Laura Coughlin
Much Success!

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