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Pessy Lesser

Pessy Lesser

I can’t believe I’m writing this again ,running Team Lifeline for my second year in a row! I began running last year לעלוי נשמת מיכל טל בת ישראל (Michelle Begelfer). I met Michelle in Camp Simcha which is the happiest place on earth! Michelle was a vibrant kid who didn’t let anything get in her way. We made some incredible memories together, and I miss her every day! She truly taught me what it meant to live life with a smile , even when she was going through such a hard time. Michelle will always be a true warrior in my mind with everything she taught me.

I was just fortunate to spend four weeks at Camp Simcha /Camp Simcha special. This was my Fifth summer that I got to experience the incredible magic , smiles , and happiness that happen in Camp! The Special moments that happen in Camp Simcha is something that impossible to describe!

By Supporting me in my run, this allows for so many kids, who are going through tremendous amounts of pain during the year, to experience the most magical two weeks in Camp Simcha. Camp Simcha is a place where the only worry is about having fun, and being a kid. I can’t wait to cross the finish line thank to all of you! Help me reach my goal for these incredible warriors!

This year I additionally want to expand the cause of my run for the זכות for:
‎ אסתר בילה בת רבקה ינטה
‎שושנה בת ליאורה
‎ דבורה חיה בת אסתר
who are campers who are so dear to me.

‎תזקו למצוות


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1. Yaakov And Nechama Taub
2. Alex Brecher
We are incredibly proud of you, Pess! Keep up the fantastic work.
3. Yossie & Chana Brecher
To our dear granddaughter, Pessy, keep up with all the chesed you do. Love Bobbi and Zaidy Brecher
4. Tova Nath
5. Yossi And Chavie Lesser
Pessy, we so proud of you!
6. Elisheva Levin
Pessy, your passion for bringing joy to others is inspiring. You've got this! I'll be cheering you on all the way to the finish line!

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