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Chaya Radparvar

Chaya Radparvar

HII GUYS!! bzh this will be my second year completing the miami half marathon! I am running to raise awareness and critical funds for Chai Lifeline, a special organization that helps sick children and their families.

I am excited to be apart of something special and help raise money for a worthy cause(I know you will too!)
Training is not easy, but neither is dealing with illness! I can't do this without YOUR support. (easy peasey lemon squeasy when i have your help right?) ANY AMOUNT MAKES A DIFFERENCE!! Help me run for those who cant! Thank you for your support and being apart of this special mitzvah.

Together we can make a difference one step at a time 👟




raised of $7,500 goal


1. Anonymous
2. Helga Fakheri
Very proud of you Chaya!! Your dedication for this worthy cause is admirable!! Hatslacha! You are almost there!
3. Wouldn’t you like to know
IHO the hottest marathon runner. Go Chaya!
4. Sasson Chirazi
5. Shoshana Bodenheim
Go CHAYAAAA!!!!! love, ur #1 fan!!!! cuz wait.... your in Miami guys! :o
6. Shoshana Shkifti
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