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Laya Senior
I donated to my B4C campaign

Laya Senior

I am a beneficiary of Chai Lifeline.
From the second my youngest sister Naomi was born, Chai Lifeline has not stopped giving to my family. I am running this race to raise awareness and critical funds for this tremendously important organization. I never expected to receive so much love as the sibling of a sick child with Downs Syndrome and I want to give back. Chai Lifeline’s care extends far beyond a child’s immediate medical needs!

To say thank you for the counseling, birthday packages, concerts, swag, Shavuos cheesecakes, ball game tickets, weekly dinners, and so much more, I am running on behalf of the Senior Family. Chai Lifeline connected my parents to families in our area and beyond who were facing similar hurdles to ours. Chai Lifeline nourished our parents emotionally and physically so they could continue to care for us! Countless pizza pies and food deliveries to our house and to the hospital, kept all of us sustained for the extended periods of Naomi’s hardest battles.

In the past 2.5 years, my sister has persevered through cardiac surgery, lung disease, several serious infections, multiple operations, countless needle pricks, blood checks, and many other things I pray no one should have to experience. Naomi still has a feeding tube and has developmental delays that necessitate multiple therapies each week, yet she brings tremendous joy and makes us smile everyday. We can’t wait until she is old enough to join the hundreds of valiant warriors like her at Camp Simcha! She’s gonna rock it!

Our family was in crisis, but Chai Lifeline had our back, and now I am running so that they can continue this holy work. Please consider becoming a partner with me in supporting Chai Lifeline and its vital, life-giving mission.

Let's run this distance together!



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1. Anonymous
Thank you Chai Lifeline for all that you do
2. Ora Senior
Laya is the best. אוהבים אותך, ישר כח. רפואה שלמה לכל הילדים
3. Mindy Mitzner/Zisholtz
So proud of you Laya! What a wonderful cause
4. Tal And Nava Senior
We are so proud of you Laya, and so grateful to Chai Lifeline. May you have hatzlacha in all your endeavors l'tova, iy'H. May your mitzvos be zechus for Klal Yisrael. Way to go Laya!
5. Hannah Fleshel
Yasher koach
6. David Schoen
Honored to participate! Great work raising so much for such a great and worthy cause.

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