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Gitty W

Gitty W

This year I will be running in memory of my nieces Malka bas Naftali Yakov and Aviva Malka Bas Naftali Yakov.

I will im”h be completing the Miami half marathon(13+ miles!) with the incredible Team Lifeline.
Chai lifeline is an organization that
provides critical support to thousands of seriously ill children and their families.

Being a part of this team is important to me as I am currently volunteer for Chai Lifeline and see the huge impact that Chai Lifeline has for these children and their families.

Please consider joining me in this years event by helping me reach my fundraising goal.
To raise $7,500 which will help continue the vital services that Chai lifeline offers is not possible if I don’t have all of your help. There is also a bonus round for $10,000 that is my ultimate goal however imma take this one step at a time ツ .

Please donate (generously🤪) to my campaign today in support of these Chai Lifeline warriors fighting the greatest battle of their lives.

Thank you for taking your time to read this all. Looking forward to those donation emails ◡̈.


raised of $7,500 goal


1. Shaya Wiesel
The most proudest luckiest hubby!!!!
2. Malki Augenstein
Good luck!! 👏🏃‍♀️🎉
3. Shlomo Z & Shevy Mendlowitz
לזכר נשמת מלכה בת נפתלי יעקב & אביבה מלכה בת נפתלי יעקב
4. Malky Schaffel
5. Chevy Wieder
6. Rochel Goldfischer
Go Gitty! U got this!

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