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Thank you for joining me and Jason in honoring Stephen's memory!

Susan Pitts
I donated to my B4C campaign

Susan Pitts

Let's reach for the stars and pass the goal, helping as many sick children as we can experience joy at Camp Simcha --as we ALL honor the memory of my son and Jason's brother, Stephen. Every dollar matters. No minimum or maximum. The families pay for nothing.
Fill your pockets with angels! Let us count on you. We need your help to reach our goal.

This annual Miami marathon with Team Lifeline honors the memory of Stephen.

PLEASE take a moment to read my heartfelt words...

Every 3 minutes, somewhere in the world a family hears the
devastating words that their child has been diagnosed with cancer.

I was one of those families. My son Stephen was diagnosed with Leukemia at 16 years old. He fought for three years. He told me he didn't want to die. Tears and fear were always beneath the journey. I woke up every morning wishing with all my strength to switch places with my son. I would do anything to keep my Stephen alive. He was a brave warrior against a cruel enemy who defeated him in the end. Stephen faced it with grace and dignity and love in his heart. At 19 his eyes closed for the last time as I laid next to him in his bed. My heart broke. I was devastated. The pain was beyond my capacity and I quickly arrived at the realization that I would never be the same. I'd never see my son again.

After what seemed to be endless days and nights of crying and emotional despair, I gained the courage to move forward...inspired by my son Jason who needed me and had the other half of my heart. Life was worthy as his mother. His heart was broken, too -- brothers who could not have been closer. He would live his life without his brother.

Honoring the memory of my beloved son and Jason's brother, Stephen, is an integral part of my life's path. Both Jason and I are participating in this annual event to raise money for other children fighting cancer so they can attend a special summer camp just for them (the same one Stephen attended and loved). This has become my life-long mission. I know Stephen would be proud to be honored in this way, as his compassion for others even in his position was always present. He referred to this camp as "a slice of heaven."

Please join me and Jason as we honor Stephen's memory in 2023. Let us count on you. We need your support.
Your loyalty and love has never faded --each of you has a place in my heart and Jason's for all time.

We will be running in the Miami Half-Marathon with Team Lifeline.
Every dollar raised and every mile will place a smile on a very sick child's face. A marathon is not easy, but neither is the life of a child diagnosed with cancer.

While running all those miles will be challenging, I am excited to help raise awareness and funds for such an important and worthy cause-
bringing joy to a child fighting cancer.

My goal is to raise $10,000. I need your help. Every donation is 100% tax deductible -- no donation is too small or too big. Every donation is met with gratitude and love.
Please join me and Jason in reaching our goal. Fill your pockets with angels!
The families pay for nothing. Every dollar you donate will get another child to Camp Simcha.

Together, we can make a difference. Together we will honor Stephen's memory.

Thank you for your support and generous compassionate heart...
With love and affection,
Stephen and Jason's mother


raised of $20,000 goal


1. Elle Fanning
Donation made with love from the Fanning family.
2. Dakota Fanning
Donation made with love from the Fanning family.
3. Elizabeth Kaplan
It is an honor to remember Stephen in this way!
4. John Scott & Tamara Grace
With our love, Tamara & John
5. Ari Adlerstein
6. The Newman Family
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