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Avigayil Weinschneider

Avigayil Weinschneider

Honestly, I didnt think I would be sending out this fundraising link again, but every time I think of my last experience with Team Lifeline I cant help but ask myself, what’s one more year.

Back in February I had the chance to hear from fellow runners about their reason for running as part of Team Lifeline and it was so inspiring.

Hearing how Chai Lifeline goes above and beyond for so many little warriors around the world, how parents could get just a little bit of rest in their beds at home knowing someone who really cares is in the hospital with their child, how every summer Chai Lifeline makes it possible for children to have some of semblance of their childhood back, hearing how chai lifeline was there for so many appointments and so on, makes 13.1 miles a piece of cake ( kind of ;) ).

You don’t have to have a child with cancer to know that watching one’s child suffer is excruciating.

I am grateful to be on the giving end of such an incredible organization that gives hope, support, encouragement and so much more to so many children battling cancer and their families.

Every dollar we raise and every mile I run will benefit Chai Lifeline, an international children’s health support network that provides critical year-round programs and services to nearly 6,000 families confronting pediatric illness.

I am excited to help raise awareness and funds for such an important and worthy cause.

Every donation is 100% tax deductible. Please join me in supporting this important organization by contributing to my personal runner page.

Together, we can make a difference.

Thank you for your support!


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