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Aviva Goodman
I donated to my B4C campaign

Aviva Goodman

I’m not a runner. I’m a woman with a mission.

Toward the end of 2022 I challenged myself to participate in my first ever half marathon and raise funds for the children and families in need of support from Chai Lifeline, an unparalleled organization that provides emotional, social, and financial assistance to more than 5,900 children and their families who have been impacted by illness, trauma, or loss. Last year I was astounded by the number of special and generous people that supported me and reconnected with me through fundraising. I’m so looking forward to having that experience once again.

With your help, I will raise $7,500 for Chai Lifeline and run in the Life Time Miami Half Marathon on January 28, 2024. While I have a personal goal of training to run 13.1 miles and a communal goal of raising funds for an important charity, I have a broader mission to enhance connections and partner with each of you in making the world a brighter place.

Please consider joining me in my efforts by contributing funds to my personal runner page. Additional ways to partner with me include passing this message along to a friend or family member and saying a quick prayer for the children and families who require the support of Chai Lifeline.

With tremendous gratitude,


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1. Anonymous
2. Mordechai Rosen
In honor of the incredible Aviva!!
3. Anonymous
4. Aviva Goodman
5. Jonathan And Martha Goodman
Proud does not begin to describe our feelings about our daughter
6. Mommy and Abba Goodman
We are rooting and cheering and crowing and screaming for your success! Our pride in you and your accomplishments knows no bounds! Let's go Aviva!!!!

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