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Chana Stiefel

Chana Stiefel

I am a Camp Simcha Special camper.
I started going to Camp Simcha Special when I was seven years old, continuing until I graduated this year at seventeen. I give credit to Camp for contributing to the person I am today. I have grown up in an environment fit for a princess, but while doing so I learned so much about others. Camp Simcha Special shaped my view of people like myself with chronic illnesses, whether invisible or visible. Each person who is different from me is on the same level as me. I do not stare at people rolling down the street or people who have stutters in their steps. I do not pity those who receive help, and I do not ignore those who ask for it. We are equal. My friends receive my genuine help, and I have learned to accept theirs. It is the friends and people I met through Camp Simcha Special and Chai Lifeline who encourage me to push through all my medically challenging times. They are the reason I am here today; they are the people who encouraged me to join Team Lifeline at the Miami Marathon. I look to my friends for guidance in everyday and life-changing decisions. I am the best version of myself in Camp Simcha Special and work to spread the same genuine kindness everywhere I go: at school, in public, when meeting new people, creating friendships, or working on myself. For the majority of my childhood, I moved constantly; therefore, I don't have a "Childhood home." I think for a while I considered that place to be the hospital because it was always a familiar feeling, a constant place. However, looking back, Camp Simcha was my constant, my home, and what a special place it was to grow up in. I look forward to returning to my home in the future as a Staff member. Meanwhile, I will try to give back in any way I can. What better way to do that than this—raising money for Chai Lifeline by participating in the Miami Marathon as part of Team Lifeline? I have felt the impact that each volunteer, medic, office member, and sponsor makes on each camper and I wish to make even a fraction of the same. Please help me and support me in the race. Thank you so much for your consideration and I hope you can be part of my journey by donating whatever you can. - Chana 💜


raised of $7,500 goal


1. Mendel Strasberg
2. Mendel Strasberg
Good luck!
3. Kaylee Andrusier
So amazing! Good luck chana ❤️
4. Woonteilers
5. Mooky Best
Hope your having the best summer!
6. Ezra Gheblikian
Hope you reach your goal
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