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Chaya Chapler
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Chaya Chapler

Heyy! Thanks for visiting my page:) I will IYH be running in the Miami marathon as a part of Team Simcha! The past few summers I have had the privilege of spending 4 weeks at Camp Simcha and Camp Simcha Special. I had a front row seat allowing me to witness the smiles and joy on the face of every child who walked through the gates. When they are in camp, all worries fall to the side and they are allowed to JUST HAVE FUN! They live for this! The memories they make at Camp Simcha keep them going throughout the year. I am raising money to continue to spread the joy, love, and smiles that are created each summer at camp. Help me reach my goal in the zchus refuah shelaima for the many campers that are so dear to me! Do it for the kids😁

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2. Esther Friedman
3. Yehuda And Leah Chapler
Good luck chaya! (We're sending yossi for supervision)
4. Devorah
In honor of chaya the most selfless person I know!!! Always going the extra mile for everyone!!!! I am truly honored to be your friend! Love you ❤️
5. Chana King
Go Chaya!!!
6. Baruch Cywiak
In honor of Chaya who selflessly works to better Klal Yisroel.
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