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I may not be racing, but I will keep fundraising.

Emma Zwick
I donated to my B4C campaign

Emma Zwick

If you know anything about what my life has been like since May, you know that I had a knee injury and spent two months barely being able to walk. I signed up for the half marathon in July, planning on doing it like I had in the past. I've never been a runner. But Chai Lifeline is so important to me, so I was willing to do it for them. I spent two summers as a camper at Camp Simcha Special, the most amazing place in the world.
When I two, I was diagnosed with a disorder called pediatric polycythemia vera. I was already really small for my age because I was a NICU baby, born a month before my due date by emergency C-section.
We found out about Chai Lifeline when I was six, and my family got involved when I was seven. At the age of eleven, I completed my first half marathon for this incredible organization. I came back the next year to do my second half marathon, and soon after the pandemic started. A year and a half later, I found myself in the hospital getting blood transfusions and tests after vomiting over two pints of blood. Turned out, one of my medications caused ulcers in my stomach. Two weeks later, I was still extremely sick, but I went to Camp Simcha Without Borders for the first time. Nobody judged me for taking medicine or not feeling well.
I can't put into words what Chai Lifeline means to me. As someone who grew up with a chronic illness, they make it feel like it's normal and okay. So, I may not be able to race this year. But my fundraising is not going to stop. I am going to raise as much as I can to help this organization that does so much for so many people, and I am so grateful you are helping my cause. Thank you.


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You are an inspiration. Keep up the good work and stay healthy!!!
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