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Ron Nusbaum
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Ron Nusbaum

Even though I had a heart attack last year, nothing will stop me from supporting these kids again, NOTHING! I’m not in this for the glory. I’m running for something way more important: to raise awareness and critical funds for the kids of Chai Lifeline, a wonderful organization dedicated to helping very sick children and their families.

Throughout the year, Chai Lifeline provides emotional, social, and financial assistance to more than 5,900 children and their families. Whether it’s counseling, case management, crisis and trauma intervention, meals delivered to hospitals and homes, transportation to medical appointments, insurance advocacy, i-Shine afterschool programming, Big Brothers and Sisters, or its medically-supervised Simcha summer camps, Chai Lifeline’s innovative services help families navigate the complexities of childhood illness and restore joy and happiness.

Training is not easy, but neither is dealing with illness. If the children of Chai Lifeline can fight each day, if they can push themselves through hospital stays and treatments, I can do this for them. But I can't do this without your support. I need your help to raise as much money as possible for these kids. I’ve set a challenging goal for myself to raise $100,000 in support of Chai Lifeline. Your generous donation will help me move closer to my goal and make a difference in the lives of so many sick children. Let's do this together! 

Best - Ron


raised of $100,000 goal


1. Concord Specialty Pharmacy
2. Hans Maier Realty
3. Sahar Whelan
4. Miloje Tanaskovic
5. Clare Adam
6. Leon Steiner
receipt to Steiner Professional Psychological Corporation. Please have Ron use the funds towards a new outfit

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