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Ruthie Weberman

Ruthie Weberman

Hi! My name is Ruthie Weberman and I am participating in the Miami marathon this January, with Team Lifeline.

When I was 10 years old, my sister was diagnosed with cancer. Chai lifeline immediately stepped in giving my sister gifts, visitors, and meals while in the hospital. As a 10-year-old all I really understood was; my sister was sick, she was getting lots of presents, and needed my parents attention. The great thing about Chai Lifeline though is that they don’t just help the sick child they also help the family. As a sibling Chai Lifeline gave me gifts and activities and had events that I went to therefore making sure I got attention and didn’t feel left out. Chai lifeline really helped me and my family during this time.

Four years later I was diagnosed with Cancer. I went from being a sibling in chai lifeline to being the sick child. I was in treatment for a year and a half and
Chai lifeline was there every step of the way. They helped by bringing me activities to do while I was in the hospital, giving me a new fuzzy blanket and lots of other gifts. They were there for emotional support for me and my family. They also provided food while in the hospital. All of the events/parties they held throughout the year gave me something to look forward to. I live in Miami and went to NY for a few months of treatment and it was hard being away from home. Chai Lifeline volunteers in NY took me out, and that really helped me get through my treatment during that time.

Chai Lifeline has made a huge impact throughout my life and I’d like to give back by raising money for Chai Lifeline to continue to help children and families like me.

Best -Ruthie


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1. Yonatan Mankes
In honor of Atara and CR
2. Rabbi Yaacov And Naamah Marmor
in honor of the Weberman's. Hidden tzaddikim dwelling in our midst.
3. Siegel Family
Bzchus the Weberman Family and continued refuos for them and all cholei yisrael.
4. Avi and Lilly Gniwisch
5. Hannah Webeeman
6. Yisroel Crawford
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