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Atara Weberman
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Atara Weberman

Hi! I am Atara Weberman and I am participating in the Miami marathon this January as part of Team Lifeline.

As a cancer survivor my family and I were recipients of Chai Lifeline's multifaceted support six years ago, which had a tremendous impact on our lives. Two years ago we received their support once again as my sister battled cancer. We are so grateful to Chai Lifeline and all they have done for us. This is just one way I can give back. Chai Lifeline is an amazing organization and I would like to contribute and help this organization continue to provide these wonderful services to patients and families in need.

I had the opportunity to go to camp simcha as a camper for two years, and I had the best two weeks of my life! My sister spent the past two summers in camp Simcha and of course had the most amazing time! I have been volunteering for Chai Lifeline for the past five years and I am so grateful to have the opportunity to be giving back! Having a receiving and giving perspective, I know firsthand the impact Chai Lifeline has on patients and their families.

Training is not easy, but neither is dealing with illness. My sister will be participating in the marathon as well beside me and I am honored to be apart of this with her. We will be training together and she is my inspiration and motivation.. She is a true warrior and pushes herself to overcome many obstacles.🤍 we beat cancer and we can get through anything together!
Xoxo Atara♥️


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u inspire me ❤️
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