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Esti Buskin
I donated to my B4C campaign

Esti Buskin

This January, I will be running in the Chai Lifeline Miami Half Marathon. I made the commitment to participate in this run long before the horrific attacks of October 7. My admiration for this amazing organization is only greater now that I see how Chai Lifeline has responded to help our brothers and sisters in Israel.

Shortly after my family moved to West Orange, my son met an amazing friend named Max. Not long after we met him, Max was diagnosed with epilepsy at age 3, and a few years later, in the middle of Covid, he underwent brain surgery. The surgery was just the beginning; Max needed to relearn basic motor and language skills. He spent weeks in the hospital as he recovered. Chai Lifeline helped care for Max and his family during his recovery, supplying meals, activities for Max, and providing emotional support for Max’s parents.

It has been remarkable to watch Max’s progress. He is now classmates with my son, a regular guest at our house on Shabbat, a fantastic soccer player, and is working his way towards a black belt in karate.

After witnessing the level of care and support that Chai Lifeline provided for Max and so many other children and families, I decided that I wanted to help. Now, in the aftermath of the devastating events of October 7, I am even more impressed by the work of this organization. From the onset, Chai Lifeline has been there to serve some of the most vulnerable in Israel. A few examples: providing 24-hour crisis support for those affected by war, helping relocate Israeli families with children under active cancer treatment , providing care packages, meals, financial assistance, trauma workshops, and so much more. Chai Lifeline’s mission has never been more critical.

It’s been over 10 years since I ran a marathon, and I still have much work to do to be ready, but I will come to this race with incredible purpose. Simply put, I am in awe of the work that Chai Lifeline does and I feel compelled to do my part to help support them–which means training for, and running this half marathon!

The organization was a true lifeline for Max and his family, and this January, together with Max’s mother, I will be running in Max’s honor to raise money and to raise awareness. We will run with purpose, we will run for unity, and we will run to help those in need.

Please help me reach my fundraising goal of $7,500 for Chai Lifeline. Your donations are 100% tax-deductible, and the impact will be tremendous. #MAXPOWER!

Thank you so much-

More information about Chai Lifeline, which provides emotional, social, and financial assistance to more than 5,900 children and their families, can be found here:


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1. Anonymous
2. Shira And Uri Morris
Such an amazing cause. We’ll be cheering you on - you’re awesome!
3. Anonymous
What an amazing cause!
4. Anonymous
Go Esti!!
5. Adina And Menachem Mermelstein
Go Esti! We love you!!
6. Ellen & Allan Federman
Being part of this marathon continues your life of doing Chesed for others, Esti. We’re so proud of all you do. Love, Mommy and Daddy
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