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Shua Mendlowitz

Shua Mendlowitz

Dear family and friends,

IYH I am planning on rolling in the Miami Half Marathon this year for Chai Lifeline for my 13th year. This year, on the second night of Shavuos, one of the very special members of my community, Mr. Manny Sadwin, was tragically taken from us. One of the things I remember about this very special man was that every single morning he would come over to me and say, "Shua, have a fine day!". He rarely missed a day without his warm greeting ! I also enjoyed the special time we spent together as Shabbos was coming to an end at our shul Shalosh Seudos. Mr. Sadwin was always there with his warm unassuming smile making sure I had my tuna fish and roll. We also enjoyed an exclusive Shiur together given by one of the outstanding Rabbanim in the community. I have the privilege of working alongside Mr. Sadwins son, who has served for me as a great source of inspiration. Together, Mr. Sadwin and his wife Mrs. Loretta Sadwin L'Hebadel L'chaim, were a team of outstanding role models in Emunas Hashem, continuous growth and encouragement for all different types of members of our community and for people in general. They are legends in their open door policy and honoring all of those that come into their midst. Please join together with me as we raise funds for the outstanding organization of Chai Lifeline and this should serve as a merit for the great Neshama of Menachem Yitzchak Ben Moshe Yehuda Leib, in honoring Mr. Sadwin's memory. Yehi Zichro Baruch. If mailing a check is more convenient for you then giving a donation online, you can make it out to Chai Lifeline and then mail it to 10714 Meadowhill Road, Silver Spring MD 20901. On behalf of Chai Lifeline, thank you very much!

Best - Shua


raised of $7,500 goal


1. Alan Gary And Helene Fay Goodman
2. Chana Rivkah Graham
Hatzlacha to Mr Mendlowitz from Chana Rivkah Graham.
3. Shmuel And Chani Feldman
4. Yechiel Yablonsky
Keep it up Shua!! Do it for the kids!!!
5. Leah Cypess
6. Yehuda Edelstein

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