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Leilui Nishmas Immanuel ben Chaim Mendel Meir Soson A”H

Tali Norman
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Tali Norman

This January, I will be running in the Miami Marathon / Half-Marathon leilui nishmas, my first cousin, Immanuel ben Chaim Mendel Meir Soson A”H.

Running this half marathon holds a deeper significance for me than words can capture. In memory of my cousin, whose courageous battle with cancer impacted our family profoundly, I'm taking each stride as a tribute to his enduring spirit. The funds I raise will support Chai-a-lifeline. Their work in providing essential assistance to children, families, and communities facing medical crises aligns with the empathy my cousin always exuded. Immanuel was known for being exceptionally well-mannered with beautiful middos tovos. He was a unique combination of extremely popular and reserved, never wanting the spotlight. He cared about and appreciated the little things. This run symbolizes the unity in our shared fight against adversity. With each step, I honor his memory and contribute to the hope of brighter days for those enduring similar struggles.


raised of $7,500 goal


1. Faigie & Mendel Warshawsky
Kol Hakavod Tali for such a tremendous undertaking! We are grateful to you for running in honor of our precious tzadik Immanuel ah”. Your commitment to this marathon, chai lifeline, and perpetuating Immanuel’s legacy is truly heartwarming. לעלית נשמה לעמנואל בן חיים מנדל מאיר ששון Lots of love always, Faigie & Mendel Warshawsky
2. Tzila And Nick Sabo
So proud of you Tali! What a special thing for a cousin to do for our beloved Immanuel ❤️ לזכר נשמת עמנואל בן חיים מנדל מאיר ששון
3. Shani and Yitz Norman
We are so proud of you, your determination and commitment, to such a worthy cause, in memory of Immanuel. Love, Mom & Dad
4. Lee And Irwin Tempelman
So proud of you Tali!
5. Miriam And Ephraim Tempelman
6. Dina And Jeremy Rogoff
לזכר נשמת עמנואל בן חיים מנדל מאיר ששון Our precious and beloved nephew Immanuel Warshawsky a’h
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