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The Art of Stepping Out of Line

Team Peri

Team Peri

There is an art to stepping out of line. Sometimes stepping out of line can be messy and chaotic. Sometimes it's fraught with disaster. Sometimes it's done with grace. Learning to embrace facing the unknown and venturing outside the norm is how you will challenge and, ultimately, discover your full potential. 

Having been born with a rare form of Muscular Dystrophy and being on a ventilator since age two, Peri does not allow her disability and medical challenges to get in her way. Throughout her life, Peri has been in and out of hospitals and has had numerous surgeries, illnesses, and therapies. Peri has conquered life so far by constantly pushing herself, showing that there are no limits, boundaries, or ceilings that she is unwilling to come so close to that edge, breakthrough, and defy the odds. Today, Peri holds a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and an MBA from Adelphi University. She is the producer, director, creator, and editor of the "Team Peri Step Out of Line" podcast, of which the 100th episode's publication is expected to debut in August of 2023. Peri is an entrepreneur, a young creative, an influencer, an advocate, and so much more.

It has been Peri's dream since the age of ten to create a nonprofit foundation to make a difference in the lives of others. The Team Peri Foundation integrates diversity and inclusion with charitable giving through collaborations with organizations whose values align with ours. Peri is committed to educating and promoting disability inclusion to counteract the physical accessibility barriers and ableist views prevalent in society. Regardless of one's ability, everyone deserves to be accepted, included, and understood by all. The foundation’s mission is to spread this message, celebrate human diversity, and change the way the world views inclusion.

As this is Team Peri's 15th year of racing for the nonprofit organization Chai Lifeline, we like to say that we have mastered The Art of Stepping Out of Line. As one of the first of many projects that the Team Peri Foundation will be a part of, the foundation has chosen to finish what Peri started over 14 years ago as a simple idea that it was time to give back to Chai Lifeline in some small way, for all that they have done for our Team Peri family. As a Chai Lifeline Camp Simcha Special camper and participant of their services throughout her life, Peri was introduced at a very early age to the concept of no limitations, no boundaries, no fear, no trepidation, and acceptance in living with a medical condition. Our fundraising goal this year is to hit the $1,000,000 mark, and with your help, we are confident that we can do just that. 

Join the Team Peri Foundation and master The Art of Stepping Out of Line with us. Strive to be better, push your own limits, and have no regrets. Your support means everything to us.

For more information about Team Peri, visit and be sure to follow Peri & Team Peri on social media and subscribe to the “Team Peri Step Out of Line” podcast (available wherever you get your podcasts).

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You are an amazing woman Peri. God Bless you as you continue to inspire. It is our pleasure to make this donation in your honor.
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