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Stephen Finkelstein
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Stephen Finkelstein

As many of you know, I will be running (mostly walking) the 2024 Miami Half Marathon for Chai Lifeline. Chai Lifeline’s mission is to provide support for very ill children and their families. I am a member of Team Peri.

Completing the marathon has always been a personal challenge for me. I chose to do the marathon for my niece, Peri. Peri has been a beneficiary of Chai Lifeline’s services. Moreover, I participate in the marathon to raise awareness, and to raise funds which are critical for Chai Lifeline’s mission. It is an amazing organization, and I am proud to be part of it. This year, in particular, Team Peri will be closing in on raising $1M cumulatively for this organization.

Throughout the year, Chai Lifeline provides emotional, social, & financial assistance to more than 5,900 children and their families. They provide counseling services, case management, deliver meals to hospitals and homes, transportation to medical appointments, insurance advocacy services, volunteering for Big Brother and Big Sister programming. In addition, there is Camp Simcha (Special) which is a medically supervised summer camp. Chai Lifeline’s innovative programs and services help families navigate the complexities of childhood illness and restore joy and happiness.

To get a better sense of what Chai Lifeline does for families, please watch the video below. I know it will touch your heart the way it touched mine. Running in marathon is not easy, but neither is dealing with illness. The children and families of Chai Lifeline urgently need our support. Let's do this together!


raised of $7,500 goal


1. Stephen Finkelstein
For Dad. Love you a million. Go Team Peri! Paul & Stephen
2. Larry And Hildy Bachner
Go Peri and Uncle Steve!!!
3. Mary Mygatt
To honor the memory of Michael I. Sovern who introduced us many years ago.
4. Dan Doniger
5. Debbie & Rich Finkelstein
Looking for a record time this year....
6. The Muller Family
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Team Peri


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