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Yehudit Fink
I donated to my B4C campaign

Yehudit Fink

I’m taking on a challenge that’s close to my heart—completing a marathon in support of Chai Lifeline, an incredible organization that provides critical support to thousands of seriously ill children and their families.

Every day, these kids show immense courage and resilience. Inspired by their strength, I've set a goal to raise $10,000 to help continue the vital services Chai Lifeline offers, like case management, counseling, meal deliveries, financial aid, their renowned medically-supervised Simcha summer camps, and so much more.

I need your help to make this possible.

Please donate to my campaign today and I hope you will give generously in support of these Chai Lifeline warriors fighting the greatest battle of their lives.

Thank you!



raised of $10,000 goal


1. Bryan Yarmish
Good luck!
2. Zevi Edelkopf
Good Luck!
3. Fasten Halberstam LLP
4. Diddy Dear
In honor of the Finks!!! LETS GOOO!
5. Texas
When in your busy life are you training for this exactly?
6. Joseph Benalloun
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